June 2018           "A Journal of Biblical Understanding"           Volume 14           

(Daniel 4:25)
" ... and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."


God's Holy Day

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So You Live in a Free Country?

A few thousand years ago God promised the tribe of Israel many blessings if they would obey Him. Israel was, of course, God's name for Jacob after Jacob had proven he would follow and obey God. Israel had twelve sons who had families of their own and God had promised Israel that He would bless them.

You can read about these blessings which Jacob passed on from God to his children in Genesis. One of those sons was named Joseph who became extremely powerful in Egypt, actually second to Pharaoh himself, and performing in many instances as Pharaoh.

Joseph had two children named Ephraim and Manassah.

Jacob (Israel) pronounced the name God gave him, upon these two grandsons and blessed them according to what God had told Jacob. One was to be a company of nations (a commonwealth) and the other was to become a great nation. The British Empire descended from Ephraim and the United States of America descended from Manassah.

Manassah was promised a magnificent blessing of wealth and land. America at it's height was the most wealthy and prosperous nation on earth with sea gates that protected her from her enemies. That wealth and protection is now gone!  

In spite of this nation being a "Christian" nation, God has pronounced a dire warning to her to return to Him, to begin to obey Him, and to love Him or He will punish her. All He gets now is lip service from many disagreeing, squabbling, groups of people that call themselves churches. There are over 450 differing churches, sects, and cults in existence right now and practically none of them agree on what God says in His Word (the Bible).

You need to contact the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association and request the booklet "America and Britain In Prophecy."

The pronouncements God made to the USA have come, and are coming, to pass. Hidden under a covering of pseudo-prosperity is a third world nation that owned over 60% of the worlds wealth in gold, silver, other precious metals, and gems, along with a land mass that was 6% of the total land mass of the world. That land was home to burgeoning forests, animals, and people who then prayed over their food, went to church, worked for their employers as if they were working for God, and loved their neighbors.

Now our precious metals are almost gone (our money is not backed by anything except the promises of the government---who lie a lot!) and our land has been raped in the name of progress.

That which hasn't been raped,  has been set up as "national forests" where no one can use any thing on it, and is now partially owned by other nations under the auspices of the United Nations.

Foreign troops are on the soil of these United States and are not answerable to our government. One base is a German air base in Alamogordo, New Mexico and is under the command of a German Colonel who only answers to the German government.

Many United Nations troops from many countries are based here in the U.S. and perform "exercises" that look dangerously like practice against the U.S.

Even our own troops (and perhaps those of other countries) are "exercising" in some of our cities ostensibly in the "event of national security". PLEASE READ THE REPORT BELOW!!!



Residents report unmarked helicopters, soldiers dropping from ropes.

KINGSVILLE, Texas -- Local residents are distraught over a near disaster during a secret Army training exercise. Local officials claim they were sworn to secrecy. Getting factual information about what happened is next to impossible.
Reports from residents told of low flying, unmarked helicopters and soldiers dropping down from ropes in the center of town after dark Monday night. WorldNetDaily was told that the police station burned and a commercial building was severely damaged.     

The assistant police chief confirmed what no one else would admit. "The United States Army Special Operations Command was conducting a training exercise in our area," admitted Arthur Rogers when the police chief was unavailable for comment. He refused further details.

That was more than Mayor Phil Esquivel would disclose. He said he was sworn to secrecy for national security reasons. His answers were evasive and without detail. When Esquivel was asked about damage he denied there was any. When he was told that damage was reported by a witness, he revised his comments. "If there was any damage done, they were going to repair it, but I haven't gotten an assessment of the properties," the mayor stated. He then admitted there was a fire, but would not comment on the cause or the extent of damage.

Was there damage to a building? "Possibly," said Esquivel. "An abandoned building that was going to be torn down anyway." It was learned from another witness that the damaged building was a commercial building that is not going to be torn down.

Witnesses reported that black helicopters with no identification markings flew into the city just after dark. They arrived in the center of the city, which had been evacuated by police. The secret training exercise lasted several hours. When it was over an abandoned police station had been accidentally set on fire and the Exxon building was badly damaged when one or more helicopters landed on the roof. Windows of the building were also broken.

I live out in the country and they flew right over us and our house just trembled. That's how low they were going," said Thelma, a resident who would give only her first name.
Esquivel claims he is just being a good citizen by not giving the details. He confirmed that he had granted permission for the exercise, but he refused to say how long ago permission was granted or which branch of the military was involved. "They asked me to keep it secret," repeated Esquivel several times. "I respect national security. It was very well controlled and no one was hurt. It didn't expend city taxpayers dollars. It did not put the citizens of Kingsville in jeopardy. The police department warned all surrounding neighbors. We're supporting national security."

Many residents have been complaining extensively. In between life insurance sales appointments, the mayor has been fielding angry phone calls.
"I'm glad that this gets out. This is total B.S. If we don't stop it now it's going to get worse," John Rohmfeld, who lives there, told WorldNetDaily. "Apparently this was a secret operation. They meant to come in here and see what the hell they can get away with. I'm not going to let them get away with it," he stated.

The mayor tells all the concerned callers the same thing: "It was a training exercise that would insure national security if we ever need it. I was asked not to disclose what armed services or what division of the armed services it was in, but it is supporting national security."

There are 25,000 residents of Kingsville, a town near Corpus Christi and home of the Kingsville Naval Station. Residents are used to seeing military people around town, but not repelling down from helicopters. They wanted to know what happened in their town. Not knowing causes fear, and refusal to answer questions causes them to lose trust in their leaders.

The local barber shop is usually the center of gossip and discussion of current events. The day after the exercise there were only questions and doubt, which were the result of no official word on what happened. "I don't like what was going on," said barber Joel Gant.

For now, the questions remain. The army public relations officer failed to return calls from WorldNetDaily, and no one in an official position was willing to explain what happened.

David M. Bresnahan, a contributing editor for WorldNetDaily.com, is the author of "Cover Up: The art and Science of Political Deception," and offers a monthly newsletter "Talk USA Investigative Reports." He may be reached through e-mail and also maintains a website.


Scary story, huh? Why are unidentified troops practicing in US cities? Perhaps it has to do with many changes in our government structure. The National Security Agency is now directly under and answers to the President. The Federal Emergency Management Agency answers directly to the President. All of our local forces come under the FEMA in times of a declared emergency. These, then, would answer directly to the President.

The President can declare Martial Law in the event of any "national emergency." And events such as the Oklahoma City bombing can be declared a national emergency!

Seems like Congress is being by-passed, doesn't it?

Since the terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt there have been many, many "Executive Orders" written. None have been rescinded. When an executive order is written, Congress has 14 days to stop it. If it isn't stopped by Congress, IT BECOMES LAW!

And you thought Congress was the law-making body of the United States!

To include the list of executive orders here would make this article way too long. However, if you would like a list of them, just write to us here at Seven Times and we will send you one.

After you see these executive orders you will say, "And I thought I was living in a free country."


Here is a clipping we found in the newspaper that we thought you might be interested in.


Sentence overturned because judge used Bible in sentencing

CINCINNATI (AP) - An appeals court has overturned a rapist's 51-year prison sentence because a judge turned to the Bible while deciding his punishment.
The Ohio 1st District Court of Appeals ruled Friday that James Arnett can return to court to seek a lesser sentence.
Arnett, 33, pleaded guilty to raping and molesting the 8-year-old daughter of his fiancée.
In handing down the 51-year sentence in January 1998, Hamilton County common Plea Judge Melba Marsh referred to the Bible verse that says anyone who offends a child would be better off if "a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."
The appeals court concluded that Marsh acted outside Ohio's sentencing guidelines.
"We stress that this case is unusual in that a specific text in the Christian Bible was the determining factor in the Judge's imposition of punishment," appellate Judge Mark Painter wrote in the court's 2-1 ruling.
Prosecutor Mike Allen plans to appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.

And so he should! Is it any wonder that God is ANGRY with America? We have kicked Him out of our classrooms, out of our courtrooms, and out of our lives (collectively) all the while proclaiming "we are a Christian Nation."

As the vernacular goes, "BULL!"

This nation is going the same direction that Rome went. There are a few wonderful people who look to God for everything, but most only show up twice a year in church and then live like "hell" the rest of the time.
     It's time this nation proclaimed a FAST and got on it's KNEES, praying to God that He would turn away His wrath, even as that evil city Ninevah did when God sent Jonah to preach to them!

What about YOU? Have you individually REPENTED?

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