June 2018           "A Journal of Biblical Understanding"           Volume 14           

(Daniel 4:25)
" ... and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."


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Let's Talk Health!

This area will contain suggestions, tips and articles which we hope will edify, uplift and support you in your quest for good health, both physically and perhaps spiritually as well.

It has been shown in other aticles on the site that The Stripes of Christ were not only for our physical healing, but our spiritual healing as well. Our physical well being causes us to reap extra benefits of a sharper, more usable mind which can then retain and recall more that we have placed into our memory.

We truly pray that you will benefit from the information presented here. However, please realize that we are not medical doctors nor do we have a degree in any kind of physical therapy.

We are simply presenting these things to you for your information, and what you do with them is YOUR responsibility. We will endeavor to give you only the best information. Please accept it that way and use it to the betterment of your lives. -- The Editor --

Accidental (?) Addicts

From: Let's Talk Health - by Dr. Kurt Donsbach

For those of you who don't want to face reality, this will not be a good article to read. You will have facts and figures about drug addiction -- particularly about stalwart, upstanding citizens who have pain, are prescribed an addicting substance, known to be so by the doctor -- who fails to properly caution the patient. These individuals, who oftentimes have never had as much as a traffic ticket are suddenly immersed in a need so great that it transcends morality, common sense and inherent respect for self and the law.

These people become addicts who will lie, cheat, steal prescription pads, buy from underground dealers and as long as they can get their "medicine" live what might be considered from the outside as a normal life. Oftentimes the wife or husband is not aware. But eventually it has to come to an end because by their very nature, addicting substances require more and more in order to achieve the same amount of effect, in this case usually pain relief.

Prescription: 1 or 2 Daily

This all starts out very innocuously, patient has intractable pain, goes to the doctor, prescribed narcotic pain reliever and the stage is set. It is in fact that not all individuals will become addicted when using an addicting substance under controlled circumstance. But there are those whose biochemistry is such that one of anything is never enough. They are usually obsessive/compulsive in behavior. Their body does not react in a normal way, but immediately wants more and more. The prescription may be 1 or 2 daily by they often find themselves consuming 20 or 30 capsules per day and suffering if they cannot get that many. These are truckdrivers, housewives, nurses, doctors, CEO's, workers -- there is NO class or gender distinction.

A recent government study indicated as many as 31 million citizens use prescription medicine for non-medical reasons. This must be distinguished from so-called "recreational drugs" (i.e., marijuana and Ecstacy) which have the potential for addiction but are not as addictive as pain relieving prescriptions such as Vicodin or OxyContin, for example. Although often under-reported and understated, more individuals die of overdosing on prescription drugs than those who die from heroin, cocaine, or other "illegal" drugs. We have spent billions on controlling "illegal" street drugs and thousands of officers are involved in trying ot stop the flow of these "illegal" drugs; and everyone admits we are losing the battle -- but now an even bigger battle is emerging and we are doing literally nothing, even though citizens die every day.

Prescription drugs and illegal drugs are essentially of the same composition. In the past six years, the number of prescriptions written for these drugs (primarily OxyContin and Vicodin) has more than doubled EVERY two years.

What's The Answer?

It isn't an easy problem. Approximately 20 percent of our population lives in chronic pain, some more severe than others. It is not humane that they should live that way if there is an answer. Prescriptions for these two medications could be put on a master computer that pharmacists could check before filling -- with today's technology an instant picture of the individual could be entered into the computer for matching if they used an alias. Of course there is always a way to beat the system but doctors would be alerted much more often that there is a potential problem. Counseling could be instituted to reduce the abuse.

And finally, doctors might consider a natural product like Phenocane which is NOT addictive, (Phenocane is a natural pain-relief product sold by Dr. Donsbach-- editor) has no side effects and is extremely effective for pain before going to the "heavy medication." From personal experience, I can tell you that we have taken patients off their addictive medicines by substituting Phenocane at our hospital.

It's that good!

(This article taken from Dr. Donsbach's Newletter -- "Let's Talk Health". It is available from www.letstalkhealth.com by request.-- the editor)

It Isn't Easy

(From: Let's Talk Health, by Dr. Kurt Donsbach)

The walking the straight and narrow is not easy in this life. We have churches galore to assist us in living the righteous life, but I have always believed and taught that it is much easier to be good when you are healthy and a lot harder when you are in physical discomfort. Oftentimes, you don't even know that something is wrong, just that you are not feeling right and do negative things you wouldn't normally do.

Several studies-- in schools and prisons -- have demonstrated that when one is fed a diet low in carbohydrates the transgression rate goes way down. Unfortunately the politicos would much rather fund a bureaucracy to study misbehavior than admit it is as simple as food. That wouldn't cost much to fix. No pork barrel to feed from.

But another arena which really bothers me is the churches which are there to lead and guide us, who serve donuts and coffee or pie and cake at every function including Sunday services. I would like to believe that my God will one day awaken these leaders and show them that their jobs would be much easier on a sugarless diet.

(Taken from Dr. Donsbach's newsletter "Let's Talk Health.")

Move Over Aspirin: Enter Tomato Juice

About three issues ago, I warned you that if you are taking aspirin to thin your blood, you should take it morning and night to prevent a negative surge in the clotting time. I still stand by that totally but suggest you consider the alternative.

A daily dose of tomato juice can be even healthier than you think. A study at the University of Newcastle revealed that after drinking 8 ounces of tomato juice a day for three weeks, diabetics experienced a reduction in blood clotting and platelet stickiness decreased significantly following the tomato juice ingestion. My suggestion, just as with aspirin, have a glass twice daily -- about 12 hours apart. Of course you know that both vitamin E and magnesium are reliable and effecient blood clot preventers and reducers. Both of these substances are found in Orachel. (Another product of Dr. Donsbach's organization -- the editor)

A Doctor Forced to Resign Because He Wrote A Book!

(From: Dr. Kurt Donsbach's newsletter "Let's Talk Health") Dr. Michael Holick was forced to resign his position at the dermatology department of the prestigious Boston University Medical School because he wrote a book called "The UV Advantage." Dr. Holick cited reference in his book proving that the sun is not our mortal enemy, that exposing the skin to UV light produces vitamin D which is very important to good health and even in treating disease.

Of course, the anti-sun society, made up primarily of dermatologists, could not have one of their own make a profession look stupid for suggesting loads of sun block for everyone. Dr. Holick's book is well worth reading.

Be Happy And Live Longer!

Negative Thoughts Can Put You In an Early Grave

Positive thinking can not only make you feel better, it can add years to your life! A study at Yale University found that elderly people can literally think themselves into an early grave! How you feel about getting older is the key, say the psychologists.

They interviewed 660 Ohio residents age 50 or more and asked true or false questions, such as: "As you get older, you are less useful?" The results concluded that those individuals who had a good outlook on their golden years lived an average 7.6 years longer than the gloom-and-doom crowd.

A positive attitude toward aging is more important to survival than low blood pressure or low cholesterol. The study made two points:

1. Negative self-perception can diminish life expectancy.

2. Positive self-perception can prolong life expectancy.

My take on this (says Dr. Donsbach) is that I am sure they are right but the most important thing is that those with the positive attitude had more fun!


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