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" ... and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."


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Rediscovering America's National 
Soul and Moral Compass

by Anthony C. LoBaido

VIENTIANE, Laos -- The moon was high and clear overhead as I sat by a roaring campfire at a small Hmong (pronounced Mung - editor) village in Stalinist Laos. The dry wood gathered from the mountainsides of this wonderful, strange land was crackling and sending red sparks upward towards the billions of stars gleaming in the clear, crisp night sky.

I sat with a Hmong tribal elder, a man expertly trained by the CIA and U.S. Army Green Berets to become elite Special Forces on the side of America during the Vietnam War. The tribal elder -- who spoke Hmong, French and English fluently -- was still quite strong-willed, though his body had weakened over the years. He and some members of his long house had survived years of communist inspired genocide, famine, gulags, re-education camps, Soviet biochemical warfare and exile in stinking refugee camps in neighboring Thailand.

The one thing the tribal elder had not survived, however, was the betrayal of his people by the CIA, U.S. State Department and Pentagon when the Vietnam War turned badly for America and her South Korean and Australian allies fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia. While sitting around the fire, the elder spoke of the eclipse that was to come the following day -- on my Birthday of January 20th, oddly coinciding with another sign. That being the birth of a Khao Kwai or "White Buffalo" in a neighboring province of Laos. In Hmong folklore, the Khao Kwai was a sign of great changes that were to soon befall their people.

"Wicked men who want to control history have buried the truth about the genocide of our people. But the seeds sprout up and grow like children, watered with the memory of the blood spilled in the quest for freedom," he told this writer. "We Hmong, we have no birthday, no written language. We are uneducated but revere education. We speak no English but desperately need English as a Second Language training. More than anything else, we need a shot in the arm -- a sign from the good people left in America, France, Australia Thailand and South Korea that they have not forgotten us."

Then the tribal elder, whom I referred to only as "The Father" asked me, "Why were we betrayed?"

I spoke of how back in 1974, people like Hillary Clinton thought it more important to impeach anti-Communist Richard Nixon than to fight Pol Pot and the other enemies of America and of God. I also spoke of the Greater Mekong development scheme, aimed at uniting all of Southeast Asia from Vietnam to Burma as a primary reason -- and its corollary that the hill tribes of the region like the Karen, Hmong and Montagnards were in the way. As for why the Thai government was sending the Hmong back to Laos from refugee camps at gunpoint, I offered up that the IMF had full leverage over the Thai government in the wake of the 1997 Asian Financial Meltdown. Moreover I said, my "President" Bill Clinton had marched in the UK carrying the North Vietnamese flag during the Vietnam War -- then traveled to Czechoslovakia and then Russia as a personal guest of the KGB. All while Hmong children fought and died in his place while taking out supplies on the Ho Chi Min trail.

I also told The Father, "There is a growing knowledge of your betrayal in America. The pen is mightier than the sword. The sword can only reach one at a time. But the pen, camera and Internet can reach millions around the world. Thanks to men like Joe Farah the George Washington of the Internet -- there is hope. There are also the Lafayettes -- great and small -- enlisted in the Hmong cause. Men like Special Forces Colonel Carl Bernard of Operation White Star. Ex-Navy SEAL and now Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, and ex-POW Senator John McCain. Erudite, pro-Hmong authors Jane Hamilton-Merritt. And Baylor University filmmaker Dr. Michael Korpi.

"There is a growing rage against the neo-Marxists and IMF/UN cabal in France, the US, UK, Australia, South Korea and other countries I have visited," I then added.

"When the stock market is wiped out, and the new Axis powers of Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Radical Islam and Southern Africa attack America and her few remaining allies, the whole equilibrium will be found wanting and will suddenly change. With the Axis powers offering us pain to butter our bread with, Americans and others of like mind will no longer tolerate weakness and treason. Our Pollyanna good cheer will be sent on a long vacation and we will begin to rediscover our manhood and ideals of freedom."

The Hmong tribal elder then told me something I'll never forget as long as I live.

"I wish that I could believe you," he began.

"Last week, I had a dream. In it I saw Al Gore and Hillary Clinton standing in front of an American flag. The Statue of Liberty was behind them. It looked very big indeed. Then the spirit of my grandfather came to me [ the Hmong people each person has three guardian spirits which return from the afterworld to protect them -- especially during times of traveling] and said, `See the red, white and blue of the flag and the fifty stars? The red is the blood of the aborted babies and of the martyrs betrayed by the American government. The white represents the white race and their corporations that have established supremacy on the Earth. The stars represent the worship of the occult, Satan and his Kingdom of this world.' It was a terrible dream. But I was not afraid."

She Sells Sanctuary

Does the Statue of Liberty sell sanctuary?

Shamefully, the answer is a resounding yes. While the celebrated case of Elian Gonzales has grabbed national headlines of late, other more serious issues of freedom for American allies and other fleeing persecution in foreign lands have been minimized or eliminated from our national consciousness and morality.

The deportation by the U.S. government in the 1990's of Chinese women in the latter stages of pregnancy back to Mainland China -- where these women face forced abortion is a glaring example of this phenomenon.

In terms of the Hmong, their starvation and biochemical Holocaust -- though documented by National Geographic, countless independent journalists like Hamilton-Merritt and filmmakers like Dr. Korpi, not to mention a top U.S. Army medical team -- has been denied outright. This denial stretches from the Associated Press, to James Rubin, the top echelon spokesman at the U.S. State Department.

Rubin, who recently stepped down from the State Department to move to London with his wife, CNN correspondent Christiana Amanpour, has left a long trail of what is at best misrepresentation of United States' positions and that of her allies.

For example:

After the August 17, 1999 edition of the New York Times reported that at least US$ 1 billion in foreign aid to the government of Bosnia was stolen by their corrupt leader Alija Izetbetgovic -- a man convicted twice and spent 10 years in jail before State put him in as president -- Mr. Rubin was furious.

"It's hard enough to get support in this country for foreign assistance as it is," Rubin said at a press conference." We would like to see corrective measures taken that create the truth and not this false perception."

The Rubin spin machine then went into motion -- ready to "create the truth." Chris Hedges, the New York Times Balkan who reported the story was discredited by the State Department. Rubin then launched conference calls to various U.S. Aid and other establishment reporters to counter Hedges. Rubin and others at State then pressed the Times for a retraction.

It is sad and even frightening that Mr. Rubin, who comes from the Jewish faith, could deny the Hmong Holocaust. One would think that the Hmong's Nazi-like experience with poison gas and starvation in the giant Auschwitz that was Laos (and Cambodia) would motivate Rubin to intercede on their behalf.

In this case the "reality" is that Rubin denied the Hmong Holocaust, overlooked expert evidence of biochemical warfare waged against them and then actually pressed for the normalization of trade ties with Laos in recent years.

Rubin met a caveat emptor, however, when the FBI traveled to Laos in search of two abducted and perhaps murdered Hmong Americans -- Hua Ly and Michael Vang. The FBI was stonewalled in their search for the men by the Pathet Lao government. Hua Ly is a CIA trained Special Forces vet who rescued countless downed American pilots in Laos behind enemy lines near the Plain of Jars in Ponsovan.

Speaking of the two missing men, and James Rubin, U.S. Special Forces Colonel Carl Bernard -- the man who trained the Hmong under "Operation White Star" says, "The case of Hua Ly and Michael Vang needs to become a public one." James Rubin lie? When I think of Mr. Rubin, I can't help but recall that line from The Little Prince; 'Language est la source de tout malentendu,' or 'Words are the source of all misunderstanding.' I wish him no ill will personally, but imagine if for just one second he and his family had to endure what the Hmong have suffered? Rubin needs to see the light. I hope and pray he will face reality, not his so called 'created truth.'"

A Trail of Treason

Modern history is replete with a trail of treason and betrayal of America and her allies. In the Revolutionary War, the Colonists were forced to take on German Hessian mercenaries brought in by the British. There was the Zimmerman letter, in which Nazi Germany promised the Southwest USA to Mexico if they would attack the U.S.

The betrayal of top U.S. and UK allies is as complete as it is terrifying. Not to be forgotten are the examples of what I would call "Little Treason" or "Eggs Benedict." In the 1930's, journalist Walter Duranty was given the Pulitzer Prize for assuring America there was no famine in the Ukraine, even as Stalin was starving millions to death. The U.S. State Department made a deal with the Saudis not to protest their confiscation of the crosses, Bibles and Stars of David of U.S. ex-patriot workers in that nation if our diplomats could have liquor at our embassy. When U.S. Ambassador to Romania Funderburke (now a US Congressman) pleaded with Bush to help the Romanian Christians overthrow the communist dictatorship in that nation he was rebuffed by Bush and resigned in protest [The Christians did indeed do in Ceausescu on Christmas Day in 1989]. George Bush made up for these minor indiscretions on January 19, 1992, when at the eleventh hour on the final day of his Presidency, he signed an order selling Taiwan a new air force from America. However, in recent years Clinton has countered that by stopping the transfer of U.S. made spare parts to keep those planes in the air.

There's Operation Keelhaul (in which Soviet dissidents, including the Cossacks, were rounded up by the Allies and sent back to Stalin to be shot), the Kurds, Karen of Burma, Hmong, Montagnards or "Mountain People" of Vietnam, the Afrikaners, Unita in Angola, Renamo in Mozambique, the Matabele and Rhodesians of Zimbabwe. Then there was the betrayal of Nicaragua, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba and Haiti. Sadly, most Americans don't know that these groups and nations were once American allies, the story behind their betrayal by the U.S. State Department, or the moral shame and stigma such betrayal carries with it.

An example of the most complete and greatest betrayal would be the Afrikaners or Dutch settlers of South Africa. How many American school children know that Nelson Mandela is a committed Communist and authorized terrorist bombs timed to go off at rush hour during the Church Street Massacre so as to maximize the killing of Afrikaner women and children and babies. How many have seen this picture of him standing in front of the Soviet flag with comrades Winny and the late-Joe Slovo ,a KGB Colonel and head of the ANC?

If Americans would believe Hollywood films like Lethal Weapon II and The Power of One, we would conclude that the Afrikaners were Nazis who hate blacks and Jewish people. That would be the "created truth" of the James Rubin crowd.

The reality is the complete opposite.

How many know that Germany offered the Afrikaners control of South Africa -- at the expense of the British Empire -- if they would only rise up and fight England as they had in the First and Second Boer Wars? The Afrikaners declined, despite the fact than only a few years earlier, the British had burned Boer farms to the ground and killed 26,000 Afrikaner women and children in the world's first concentration and death camps. Camps set up by the British. So it was the Afrikaners who were the victims of genocide. Later the Afrikaners gave uranium to Israel to help them build the atomic bomb. Could there be anything more anti-Nazi than giving Jews the atomic bomb to defend themselves from Islamic jihad?

Today, the New Marxist South Africa is a hell hole of AIDS, rape (one rape every 30 seconds), political correctness, crime, murder, economic collapse and anarchy. The West took a Christian, pro-Western, First World nation and turned it into a Haiti on steroids. The reason, besides Marxist allegiance, became all too clear when in February of this year, new Marxist ANC leader Thabo Mbeki addressed the South African nation in his state of the union address.

In the address Mbeki announced he was handing over the South African economy -- once the world's richest nation -- to "George Soros and the heads of 12 multinational" corporations. The very same George Soros whose currency raiding in Asia set off the 1997 Asian Financial Meltdown.

American Allies which today stand in the midst of betrayal include Taiwan, South Korea, Israel and Thailand.

"The United States is busy arming our enemies like Russia, China, Cuba, Radical Islam and North Korea, while at the same time betraying our allies. This recipe must be reversed before it is too late," says U.S. Army General Albion Knight Jr. (Ret.)

Then there are peripheral issues like Marxism, the international drug trade, abortion, organ harvesting, eugenics, the New Age movement and the occult that also affect our citizens, community and nation. What can be done at this late hour to save America and Great Britain's long time allies; The Hmong, Karen, Montagnards, Unita, South Sudanese, Renamo Afrikaners, Rhodesians, Tutsis, Kurds, South Koreans, Seri Thais, Taiwanese and South Koreans?

A Changing Paradigm

The following ideas should be used as a framework towards this end. They include:

The identification of America's allies in the past, present and future. What is the history and culture of these groups. What can Americans learn from them today? And they from us?
Identification of American allies targeted by the U.N. population control programs -- like the Hmong of Laos.
Identification of potential allies America might need on its side in the future. Perhaps the Karen of Burma if China were to invade that nation, which according to many experts seems highly probable.
Setting up a think tank to address Allied and Axis issues facing America.
Setting up English as a second language training as needed for American allies overseas facing persecution.
Inserting Allies and Axis issues as part of the home school curriculum in the United States.
The creation of a children's board game with the theme of Axis and Allies.
Organizing experts on logistics and military tactics to draw up plans to help America's allies. This plan would bypass the contingency plans of the joint Chiefs of Staff, which are top secret -- focus only on shooting the enemy and lack what in Leninist terms is a correlation of forces.
Present contingency plans speak nothing about the root causes of the betrayal of American allies, mainly the role of Marxism in America, the media, the New Age Movement, the occult, corporate fascism and Islamic jihad.
Putting these contingency plans in the hands of top American leaders in the Congress, Senate and Executive Branch. They could also be put on individual state ballots for vote.
Identifying sympathetic journalists, editors and filmmakers who can produce popular culture films, novels, plays, books, and television shows on the Allies/Axis issues. The model to be used would followed the hit episode on Red Chinese human right abuses entitled, "The Spirit of Liberty Moon" on Touched by an Angel.
An analysis of the current military threat to America and her Allies as posed by China, Russia, North Korea, Radical Islam, Cuba and the Southern African Marxist states. Such an analysis would also include the theft of American technology from our military industrial complex, the Russian loan scandal, Russia's new Akula attack submarines, Stealth bomber, ICBM's and the new Quantum Photon Key in which encrypted data is downloaded onto particles of light.
The identification of U.S. and foreign corporations that profit from the betrayal of American allies and the persecution of Christians around the world. This would include the Greater Mekong Sub Region, Sudan, the Middle East and Southern Africa. An economic boycott of concerned Americans can be brought to bear by exposing the agenda and blood profits of these multinational conglomerates.
Congressional Hearings of the current alliance of transnational corporations with private armies, the U.N. and President Clinton's Executive Orders vis-a-vis Angola.
Establishing a conduit of concerned journalists, businessmen and legislators who can speedily transform Allied and enemy issues into meaningful legislation in the U.S. Congress in defense of freedom and America national security.
The creation of a national holiday to honor America's many past and present allies overseas.

Defending America's allies and restoring our national security is no easy task. The Kissinger Doctrine which states that there are "no permanent allies or alliances" will be difficult to shake.

By defending our allies overseas and working to reverse their betrayal, we can help to rediscover our national soul. We can recapture the Spirit of Valley Forge. The line, "Our generation has no Great War, no Great Depression -- our lives are our Great Depression" will cease to resonate with so many American males. We just may re-establish our sanity in a world where "good is called evil and evil is called good." And surely we know that great evil, like that of the Nazis just doesn't fade away (as we suppose it has in Russia and China) but rather it must be crushed into the dust with all our hopes, strength, might and faith.

We can trade back Dennis Rodman for Jackie Robinson. We can free the South Sudanese Christians, free Africa from the transnational corporations, stop the laundering of trillions in drug profits through Western banks, stop the trade of human tissue -- all while we stop the betrayal of our allies overseas.

Moreover, we will re-establish our kinship with Judeo-Christian legends who fought against and survived great evil. People like Lot, Noah, Moses, Daniel, Joan of Arc and Harriet Tubman still stand today as heroic men and women who walked through the fire without burning.

We know that God exalts the humble and resists the proud. We know that we must continue to live "in the world" while not being "of the world." We also know that the world is not, as our corporate leaders tell us -- a business. Rather it is a complex amalgamation of hopes, dreams and aspirations of many different peoples.

We can reject the corporate mantra of Ned Beatty in the movie Network, when he says:

"There are no nations, there are no peoples, there are no Russians, there are no Arabs, there are no Third Worlds, there is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and inane, inter-made, interwoven, interacting, multi-varied, multinational dominion of dollars -- petrodollars, electro-dollars, Reich Marks, Rands, Rubles, Pounds and shekels. It is the international system of currency that determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT, AT&T and Du Pont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state -- Karl Marx? -- they compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies. The world is a business. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live to see that perfect world, in which there is no war, famine, oppression or brutality. One vast and ecumenical holding company for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties soothes, all boredom amused."

We can reject this sick and false mantra, because we know that the stock market, the home run derby between McGuire and Sosa, viagra, porno and abortion are not what made American great. We can remember that Rome was sacked after it educated Attila the Hun in the Roman Empire's finest military academy. When we see America turned upside down we are sickened by it. And we are roiled up to oppose it with every fiber of our being.

We can tell the corporations as did the wise Greek runaway slave Demetrius in the hit 1950's film "The Robe," you are nothing more or less than, "Murderers, jungle animals, masters of the world you call yourselves. You killed my Master [Jesus]. A curse on you. A curse on your empire," of drugs, abortion, human organ parts, high tech weapon sales, pornography, Hollywood/MTV morals, toxic waste, and fake paper money and credit cards. We can say no because godless consumerism and Marxism are empty, materialistic twins.

We can say no to a Barbie Doll or Gumby on sale at the mall, made by some Catholic priest employed by the People's Liberation Army in Red China standing in a vat of acid. We must say "No!" while standing on our feet, because if we don't when the post-modern Attila the Hun comes knocking on America's door we have no choice but to say "yes" on our knees.

The Christian Soldier at War

My battle in journalism with dark forces since 1987 has been something I have willingly accepted -- despite the costs to my personal life, health, career, relationship to those around me and even to life itself. I have never had a wife, children, stocks and bonds or a home. For helping America's vanquished allies, there will be no Pulitzer Prize for Anthony C. LoBaido. That will go to the Walter Duranty's of the world.

But there is something more precious than all of those things. Far more precious. To have stood at the Killing Fields and demanded justice. To have spoken for the legions of South Korean female babies suffering in the Korean gendercide of abortion. To have met the challenge of the Byzantine complexity of journalism in an increasingly complex world, even in my own small, flawed manner. To have known real men, women and children -- like the Hmong, Cambodians, Afrikaners and Rhodesians who have met the Beast head on -- staring back into the abyss with a faith that is unknowable to most Americans. As William Wallace said, "All men die. Few men really live."

In my travels, I always try to remember that it was my country -- the United States of America -- that taught me to fight for freedom. It was the Afrikaners who taught me who the enemy was -- the corporations, CFR, UN, Federal Reserve, Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Wall Street.

And although I try to grasp onto the vanquished American allies I've encountered from North Korea to South Africa, I realize that I can't hold them all at once. And so I let the spirit of their courage flow through me like the pouring rain.

I know that in the end, I am not the potter nor the potter's clay. But rather I must conclude that the final shape of the clay will depend on the intrinsic worth of the clay itself. In the bodies of America's vanquished allies, there is priceless clay waiting to be rediscovered. Let their spirit form the ethos of our future alliances with them, and their courage and sacrifice of family, home, children, nation and life itself be the wheel on which our national soul is rediscovered.

Anthony C. Lobaido  is an international correspondent for WorldNetDaily.

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