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(Daniel 4:25)
" ... and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."


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Life Lines by Les Turvey


In Alberta, Canada, one parent believes an act of kindness should receive ten times the attention given to a deed that came about because of wrong choices. She shows her children that little things make a difference.

“I’m telling on you” has a new meaning at an Alberta elementary school. “I’m telling on you” means I’m telling the class about the nice thing you just did.

Laurie Braun believes positive words and actions can overcome the bullying so prevalent in most schools and, with the principal’s permission, inspires students to write reports of good things and kind gestures performed by other students.

Laurie collects the reports, and posts them on a huge bulletin board, sometimes on paper teddy bears, sometimes on little T-shirts, and sometimes on other themes including lightning bolts.

By the end of one school year she collected more than a thousand reports such as, "When I was by myself, Jeffry sat on the swing with me," and "I slipped and cut myself on the ice and Sara sat with me." Some children even filed positive reports about the crossing guard’s courtesy and helpfulness.

Laurie’s project has resulted in less bullying, changed attitudes, and even resolving problems concerning the school. After receiving several reports of students helping students who had fallen on the ice, she realized there was a safety issue. The ice problem was soon corrected.

Preparing and posting the reports has been a challenge for Laurie. Just finding space on the bulletin board has tested her abilities, especially one week when students filed sixty reports of kindness.

“Kindness thrived,” says Laurie. Once the project got underway she saw kids sharing lunches and opening doors for one another. A child who had a reputation for arrogance was seen helping another clean out her desk.

At the end of the school year Laurie posted all the good-deed reports as a final reminder that little things make a difference. The students retrieved the reports which featured their names, and took them home as mementos.

“It all came about,” says Laurie, “because some of the younger children in the elementary school were worrying about bullying.” She adds, “I sincerely believe…an act of kindness should receive ten times the attention given to a deed that came about because of wrong choices. I wanted my program…to focus on the positive, on what is appreciated, not what is annoying or hurtful."

One lonely child saw the result of focusing on the positive. She reported about a classmate, "When I needed a friend to play with, she was there."

The bible has something to say about Laurie’s program. You’ll find it in Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31. We call it The Golden Rule. And the children affected by Laurie’s project have discovered the truth that a person who has friends must show himself friendly (Proverbs 18:24).

For a parent who saw a need and filled it, Jesus promises he will come in the glory of his Father, and will reward Laurie according to her works (Matthew 16:27).

Leslie A Turvey
A servant of the only true and living God

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