May 2018           "A Journal of Biblical Understanding"           Volume 14           

(Daniel 4:25)
" ... and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."


God's Holy Day

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Just What IS a Church?

In the book of Matthew, Jesus said HE would build His church! Why then do almost ALL religions claim to be building God's church? And why do most religions refer to a BUILDING as a 'church'?

   Webster's Unabridged Dictionary says that a church is:

N, Lord's (house)

1. a building for public worship, especially one for Christian worship.

2. public worship; religious service.

3. all Christians.

4. [usually] a particular sect or denomination of Christians: as, the Methodist Church.

5, ecclesiastical government, as opposed to secular government.

   Here we see that the primary focus of the definition is a building in which people meet, and sometimes the focus is brought down to a particular sect or denomination but always as a collective whole.

What does God's Word say a church is?

   When Jesus walked the earth he made statements concerning what a church is supposed to be.

Mt 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter (Gr. Petros - small stone or pebble), and upon this rock (Gr. Petra - huge boulder) I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

   Yes, Jesus said HE would build HIS church. Notice the singularity here. He did NOT say He would build a multitude of fighting, bickering, opposing 'churches', but ONE church! He also DID NOT SAY that He would turn over the building of the church to some human being!!

   Upon WHAT rock did Jesus build His church? Most churches, and especially the Catholic Church, teach that the 'rock' upon which Jesus built His church was Peter.

But Was It Peter who was the foundation of Jesus' Church?  

   Then what happened? Is Jesus building His church or isn't He? Has HIS church divided into a multitude of "churches" each with their own doctrines that were most of the time diametrically opposed to what Jesus established?

   Where DID all these different "denominations" and sects come from? For there are over 500 of them around the world right now, each claiming to be God's church.

1 Cor. 1:13 Is Christ divided? was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?

Of course Christ is NOT divided!

   So what happened? How can a person determine just what, or who, Jesus' really is? That is a good question because most people have never even thought about it that way! Most just accept that all these "Christian churches" are the church that Jesus built!

    Most don't even realize, even though they read it in scripture, that God's Church is called "The body of Christ" (1 Cor. 12:27). The book of Romans also refers to this phenomenon! (Rom. 12:5).

   If scripture refers to people who have been given God's Holy Spirit as "the church', why does everyone insist upon calling a building, a church?

    Even in the Church of God, the ministry insists that some corporate organization is THE church. This is much the same thing as calling a building, a church!

    NO organization or building should be called a church! Why? Because The Church is a number of people who have been called out of this world (Gr. Ekklesia - called out ones), converted and baptized, then given the Holy Spirit!!

    The church is a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM made up of called, chosen, and faithful people who has received God's Holy Spirit!!

    The church cannot be a building or corporate organization to which people attach the tag "church." Nor can a ministerial structure within some corporate organization be called "the church", as some are wont to do because of the AUTHORITY that has been given to them by the congregation.

    In the book of Jude we are cautioned:

Jud 1:3 "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

    So many have departed from that faith unto another that doesn't even resemble the faith Jesus delivered to His saints when He was on this earth! This web site is dedicated to helping those who care, to begin to CONTEND for that faith which Jesus Himself gave to His saints! We are struggling, as God inspires us, to write articles espousing that faith.

    Many are those who bad-mouth and back-bite, claiming we are a part of some "cult" because we don't ADHERE to the teaching of "mainstream" traditional Christianity! However, we ARE teaching that they are worshipping ANOTHER Jesus which the original Apostles talked about. You can see an article about that Jesus which we have linked at the bottom of this article.

    WE MUST CONTEND FOR THE FAITH ONCE DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS if we intend to be a part of God's Church!! That faith is crucial to our receiving God's Holy Spirit, and our being put into The Body of Christ (the Church).

    Don't be deceived by someone who proclaims THEY are building God's Church or who proclaim a building or corporate organization as "the church!"

    Truly, the Church of God is a Spiritual Organism composed of those who have been called to repentance, been baptized and have received God's Holy Spirit. Those PEOPLE are THE CHURCH!!


Jesus is STILL building HIS Church!! Are you a part of it?


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